Rubber-metal elements as vibration isolators

G+H Noise Control provides various rubber-metal elements to reliably isolate vibrations. These offer a choice between elastic bearing elements, Elasto Circular Elements and Elasto Rubber-Metal Blocks.

All of these products are made up of an elastomer, i.e. a damping rubber material (usually natural rubber), with an attached carrier component made of metal. Thanks to our long-standing expertise, we are able to fulfill many different requirements for various different applications with our rubber-metal elements. In this way, we provide support for our customers with our spring technology for elastic bearings and for the isolation of vibrations and structure-borne sound.

Elastic bearing elements

The DEL elements from G+H Noise Control are vibration isolators which act as dual-mass oscillators in the bearings of machines and plant. With their special construction and mode of action, they dispense with the need for constructing the type of heavy concrete intermediate foundation that is necessary with conventional isolation elements.

Elasto Circular Elements

Elasto® Circular Elements ensure optimal vibration-isolated support under compression and shear loading. Due to their relatively high material damping, these rubber buffers significantly reduce the amplitude of vibration.

Elasto Rubber-Metal Blocks

As vibration isolation bearings for machines and plant, G+H Noise Control offers Elasto Rubber-Metal Blocks. Made of natural rubber vulcanized onto metal plates, these elastic isolation elements are specially designed for compression and shear loading.
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