AVIB elastomeric springs

Elastomeric springs: outstanding vibration decoupling with pur insulation materials

In order to prevent undesirable vibrations, elastomeric springs are often used in mechanical engineering and construction applications to provide vibration control and to insulate against structure-borne sound. With its AVIB® P product range, G+H Noise Control has developed a material made of a special polyether urethane (PUR) that offers numerous advantages.

AVIB® P: Unique material properties for many types of application

AVIB® P elastomers are used in both compression and shear loaded springs and their specific properties ensure excellent vibration control for machines, plant and components. In addition to the diverse range of basic types with different properties, the material can also be easily adapted to suit specific applications. To meet the special requirements of our customers, we produce not only sheet materials but also engineering molded parts and special types with specific rigidity and cross-linking with AVIB® P.

The cellular elastomer used here is notable for its long service life and resistance to brief high peak loads. Even continuous loading does not produce significant changes in the dynamic modulus of elasticity. Thanks to the in-built, defined damping, no additional costly damping elements are required, provided that the system is suitably designed and configured. On top of this, AVIB® P is also resistant to water, concrete, oil, grease, and diluted acids and alkaline solutions.

Overview of all AVIB® P versions as product information

  • AVIB® P 1
  • AVIB® P 2.5
  • AVIB® P 4
  • AVIB® P 7.5
  • AVIB® P 15
  • AVIB® P 40

AVIB® FO: Combination of insulation panel and steel screw springs

For vibration control and structure-borne sound isolation bearings for machinery, plant and components, G+H Noise Control also manufactures AVIB® FO – a module than combines structure-borne sound insulation panels with steel screw compression springs. With various versions to choose from, AVIB® FO meets all customer requirements with regard to load-bearing capacity, vertical and horizontal spring constants, natural frequency and dimensions.

  • AVIB® FO



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