Reverberation chambers

Primary reverberation chamber

The adjacent reverberation rooms can be combined in various ways to perform a wide range of measurement tasks in the field of building physics. For example, the rooms meet all the requirements for determining the absorption coefficient according to DIN EN ISO 354 for validating the acoustic absorption properties of insulation materials, but can also be used as a class 1 reverberation room in the procedure for determining sound power according to DIN EN ISO 3741. In the primary reverberation chamber, verifications of the sound insulation of capsule systems can be carried out according to DIN EN ISO 11957. An opening in the wall between an anechoic chamber and a reverberation chamber can be used as a test rig to determine insertion loss (e.g. measurements on filters that attenuate a signal), but also as a test rig for components that require a free-field environment on one side and a reverberation chamber environment on the other.


Wall test stand

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