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Brochures op het gebied van isolatie

G+H Group – Overview brochure

Our Expertise for your Benefit


Homogenous perfect-fit turbin insulation with the HardCAP system


Perfect-fit turbine insulation with the FlexCAP system

Brochures op het gebied van brandbeveiliging

Fire protection

Your fire prevention specialists


Fire Protection for Piping Systems PYROSTAT®-UNI


Fire protection cable duct PYROMENT®-IK90


Cable Fire Protection PYROMENT®-KVB2000 + W

Brochures op het gebied van industriële geluidsisolatie

G+H Noise Control Image folder

Solutions for a quieter world

Industrial sound insulation

Suppressing noise, creating sounds: competence for industry and technology

Brochures op het gebied van bescherming tegen lawaai van krachtcentrales

Power plant sound protection

G+H solutions for quieter power plants

Power plant sound protection

Noise Control Solutions for Power Plants From a Single Source

Brochures op het gebied van trillingsisolatie

Vibration isolation

Protection against vibrations and structure-borne noise