Sound measurement room for test stand builder

G+H Noise Control received an order from an internationally active test stand manufacturer for the delivery and installation of a sound measurement room including the cladding of the testing machines.

03 Aug 2022

The sound measurement room was clad with G+H ASONAD®ML free-field absorbers in the ceiling area and SONEX®WF flat absorbers in the wall area in order to be able to carry out acoustic measurements at a lower measurement frequency of 100 Hz. Specially developed sound insulation elements type SONEX WF-K were used for the testing machines. These are characterised by very high sound insulation and a high degree of absorption on the outer surface. The customer’s requirement for all capsule elements to be made in small parts so that they can be dismantled by one person if necessary was met. The final acceptance measurement was carried out by the “Acoustic Competence Center” on site. The sound measurement room was handed over to the client’s complete satisfaction.

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