Better results with precise measurements

Sound propagation in buildings, flow resistance, vibrations: Our measurements quickly and reliably give you the data you need. Our soundproofing experts not only have excellent technical knowledge, but also extensive experience reaching back many years. That is why we can advise our customers comprehensively with respect to acoustic design and selection of the proper materials.

We test the materials and components being used for their technical sound and vibration characteristics in our own acoustics development center. Beyond that we work here on new solutions for our customers, to be able to offer you the most effective sound and vibration protection for each application. We also measure the various relevant acoustic and vibration factors directly at our customers’ sites.

Measurements in our own development center

  • Acoustic power in an anechoic full-space room (ISO 745)
  • Acoustic power in an echo chamber (ISO 3741)
  • Acoustic absorption/acoustic power (ISO 10534)
  • Flow resistance (ISO 9295 or DIN EN 29053)
  • Impact sound insulation (referencing DIN EN ISO 140-7 and DIN EN ISO 140-8 in connection with DIN EN ISO 717-2)
  • Measurement of the vibro-acoustic transfer characteristics of elastic elements (referencing DIN EN ISO 10846)
  • Airborne sound insulation of ceilings, roofs, walls, facades, windows, glazing, doors, door panels, lightweight construction components, container cladding and facings (referencing ISO 140-3 and ISO 140-10 and/or DIN 52210, DIN EN 20140-3 and DIN EN 20140-10 in connection with DIN EN ISO 717-1)
  • Noise reduction (DIN EN ISO 7235)
  • Flow noise (DIN EN ISO 7235)
  • Pressure loss (DIN EN ISO 7235)

Measurements performed by us on site

  • Acoustic power measurement (ISO 3740 ff and ISO 9674 ff)
  • Qualification of sound measurement rooms (ISO 3740 ff and ISO 354 and/or DIN EN 20354)
  • Sound propagation (VDI 3760)
  • Airborne sound insulation of all components in the structure (ISO 140)
  • Vibrations in construction (DIN 4150)
  • Effect of mechanical vibrations on people (VDI 2057)
  • Measurement of vibration imissions (DIN 45669)
  • Mechanical vibrations – evaluation of machine vibrations (DIN ISO 10816)
  • Impact sound measurements in service plants (DIN 52221)
  • Special assessment measurement processes to identify and differentiate between airborne and structure-borne noise (vibration transmission)
  • Vibration measurements with frequency analysis (FFT)