Industrial jobs

Industrial Insulation technician (m/f/d) - The industry's energy specialist

Quiet, efficient and eco-friendly – pick two? Not at all – and that is thanks to industrial insulation technicians. In this industrial job they create future-ready industrial facilities, power plants and refineries of all sizes, all over the world through effective heat-, cold-, noise-, and fire protection measures – and ensure that precious energy resources are saved.

During the three-year training program, trainees learn about the basics of energy and environmental technology and gain more detailed knowledge of areas such as fastening technology, connection technology, and installation technology. They learn how to process materials like metal and sheet metal and how to use them to build covers, claddings and pipe casings according to design drawings, which they also install for our customers.

This training qualifies you for a future-proof career. At G+H, we offer you a wide range of career advancement opportunities.

For our training in this industrial job, you should ideally …

  • … have finished secondary education with good results
  • … have good mathematical skills
  • … have good manual skills and visual thinking abilities
  • … work carefully and flexibly
  • … be a team player