Elasto circular elements

Elasto circular elements compensate for compression and shear loads

For compression and shear loading, G+H Noise Control provides vibration isolation bearings in the form of cylindrical rubber elements with molded-on, corrosion-protected metal parts. The so-called Elasto Circular Elements exhibit relatively high material damping, which reduces the vibration amplitudes of the elastically supported system when resonance occurs and shortens the oscillation decay process after shock loading. The natural rubber used has better elastic properties than synthetic rubber spring materials.

Various models for a wide range of applications

In order to provide for all types of application, our range of Elasto Circular Elements includes models with different connection systems (interior thread/threaded pin, threaded pins on both sides, interior thread on both sides) for our customers to choose from. And the Elasto Circular Elements that can be used at temperatures between -20°C and +70°C are also available with a choice of two different Shore hardness values in accordance with DIN 53505. Although the isolating elements must be protected from permanent exposure to oil, grease and fuels, their function and service life are not affected by occasional and slight smearing with oil. We also offer a protective coating to protect against the weather, if used outside, and against oil, UV radiation and ozone.


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