Steel screw pressure springs

Insulate against vibration and structure-borne sound with avibrators

To minimize the impact of machines on their surroundings, and of the surroundings on nearby buildings, devices or, test rigs, for example, it is important to suppress vibrations and structure-borne sound. G+H Noise Control offers an extensive range of AVIBRATOR units for this purpose. These are steel screw compression springs which act as vibration isolated bearings for machines and plant and reduce vibrations and structure-borne sound effectively and reliably. G+H Noise Control offers various AVIBRATOR® series in order to cater for all types of application.

AVIBRATOR® FL und FN: Steel screw compression springs with closed design

The FL and FN series offer a selection of bearing elements with steel screw compression springs that are block resistant in accordance with DIN EN 13906, so that overloads (during installation, for example) can be accommodated. Their closed design keeps out dirt, which could otherwise lead to the forced arrest of the elastic system under certain circumstances. The housing is made of high-quality pressure-cast aluminum and the steel screw compression springs also have a corrosion protection coating. The bonding sheets or structure-born sound insulation sheets fix the units in place, so that in most cases no additional bolts are required. The AVIBRATORs of the FN range can also be supplied with integrated viscous damping, if required, which reduces the vibration amplitudes and transfer of forces during start-up and shutdown of the machine (resonance passage) and shortens the oscillation decay process after shock loading.

AVIB® FO: Combination of sound insulation sheet and steel screw compression spring

In addition to the FL and FN series, G+H Noise Control also offers FO series AVIBRATORs. These combine structure-borne sound insulation sheets with steel screw compression springs. The springs have an open design, which means that the operating status of the springs is visible at all times.


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