Pipe penetrations

Passing savely through ceilings and walls

When pipes pass through walls or ceilings, they represent a fire hazard that is often underestimated. If pipes or insulation materials catch on fire, a gap in the sealed fire compartment may be created, through which fire and smoke can pass unhindered. Providing the right fire protection for pipe penetrations is therefore essential and can save lives.

Selecting the right fire seal

Selecting the right fire-protection seal is crucial when sealing around flammable and non-flammable pipe pipes. When providing fire protection for pipes, a decisive role is played by external influences such as vibration or heat-induced movements, as well as by the type of pipe material and insulation used. In the case of fire protection for pipe penetrations, all of these factors must be taken into account – as well as the type of structure penetrated, such as solid walls, ceilings, lightweight partition walls or breakthroughs.

Our product

Fire protection bandage PYROSTAT®-UNI

PYROSTAT-UNI® is the all-round solution for pipes: In a fire, the fire protection tape foams up and creates an impermeable barrier to fire and smoke. Practically all types of pipe can be sealed with the tape – in solid walls and ceilings as well as in lightweight partition walls.

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