Screening walls

Protection from high levels of noise

Many residential areas are located in the direct vicinity of loud sources of noise, such as freeways or industrial facilities. There is no doubt that a permanently high level of noise adversely affects or even harms people. While it is not always possible to combat the source of the high levels of noise, there are appropriate solutions, which can absorb the noise. G+H Noise Control’s screening walls ensure peace and quiet.

Easy and quick installation, everywhere

Large-scale component screening walls can be easily and quickly installed everywhere – even for large-scale deployments. Thanks to their aesthetically pleasing design, the noise screens fit into every environment, while the sound-absorbing lining, concave curvature, and noise-deflecting top parts reliably reduce high levels of noise. Materials such as sheet metal, aluminum and glass elements are not only visually pleasing, but also improve acoustics through their respective surface structures. Additionally, they are resistant against environmental influences, such as extreme weather.

With our engineering expertise, we develop screening walls exactly according to your requirements. G+H Noise Control offers a comprehensive range of products and services for noise protection walls from one source: from planning to acoustic design to installation.


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