Wall and ceiling linings

Absorbers: Suppressing noise, working more efficiently

Sorry, but could you be a bit quieter? Noise absorbing wall and ceiling linings in offices, factories, test rooms, laboratories or recording studios reduce the reverberation of voices and minimize background noise significantly. This is particularly important when a large number of people or machines come together in one room.

To make sure that the sound insulation is optimized, G+H Noise Control’s absorbers meet all of the acoustic, structural and fire protection requirements as well as any special requirements to suit the conditions at the installation site. In situations where noise sources cannot be directly contained by enclosures or booths, wall and ceiling linings can be used to effectively absorb noise and significantly improve the acoustics.

To meet all the different acoustic and aesthetic requirements, we offer a large variety of absorbers for an extremely wide range of applications:

  • SONEX® W: for wall and ceiling linings in production facilities, laboratories, test rooms and studios
  • SONEX® W/L: for particularly effective sound absorption
  • SONO® R and B compact absorbers: for production facilities, event rooms, canteens and swimming pools
  • SONO® H compact absorbers: for use in food production facilities and beverage bottling plants where excellent cleanability and moisture resistance are required in addition to good acoustic properties.