Pipe and ceiling hangers

Vibration isolated ceiling hangers provide sound protection

Regardless of the type of building, sound protection now plays an important role, right from the construction planning phase. With its ceiling and pipe hangers, G+H Noise Control improves the acoustics by efficiently preventing vibrations and structure-borne sound from being introduced to and propagated through the building.

The steel screw compression springs are block resistant in accordance with DIN EN 13906, so that overloads (during installation, for example) can be accommodated. The ceiling hangers and pipe hangers also have the advantage of providing effective isolation even for low-frequency vibrations. The integrated sound-insulation insert effectively reduces the transmission of structure-borne sound and vibration and the open design of the unit means that the operating status of the spring is visible at all times. Depending on the model, the easy-to-install ceiling and pipe hangers are either galvanized or coated with a primer.


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