What we stand for: Mission and values of the G+H Group

For us to be a good partner to you, you need to know what we stand for. That is why we have created a corporate culture based on respectful dealings with one another, that we live out every day. Our values define our daily action.

Trust – We want to …

ensure openness, transparency and authenticity

experience mutual trust

leave space for freedom

take responsibility

show loyalty to our company

Entrepreneurship – We want to …

secure economic success

support innovations and out-of-the-box thinking

examine ourselves and others

formulate plans for the future

promote sustainable employee development

provide freedom within the rules structure

give and receive and help

leverage knowledge management

Independance – We want to …

support employees

live out structures

take responsibility

take joy in our work

create motivation

Solidarity – We want to …

give and take

leverage commonalities

ensure openness and transparency

turn towards one another

look beyond our usual boundaries

promote appreciation and commitment

Responsibility – We want to …

foster accountability

professional development and foresight for our employees

give and receive and help

nurture situational communication

model good conduct

make decisions aligned with authority