Our services for your access: evaluations, energy audits, assessment and more

The G+H Group supports you with various service offers such as energy audits or evaluations. A TIPCHECK report, for example, helps determine the optimal insulation for buildings and facilities to minimize energy consumption and CO2 emissions, which demonstrably reduces costs.

TIPCHECK: Technical Insulation Performance Check

  • is a Europe-wide standardized and independent energy audit to check technical insulation performance in industry
  • follows the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF) standard that applies across Europe
  • calculates the economically realistic and achievable energy savings potential
  • identifies the facilities and areas of facilities that offer high energy savings potential as well as rapid amortization and immediate feasibility
  • reveals opportunities to improve safety, efficiency, carbon footprint and processes


Assessments and inspections

Along with the TIPCHECK report we offer you additional services such as assessments, audits and inspections Talk to us if you need advice. Together we will find the right path for you.

We offer:

  • technical clarifications
  • advice for renovations
  • renovation concepts and damage evaluations
  • assessments, inspections and warranty measurements
  • thermographic assessments
  • leakage and impermeability testing
  • documentation