Silencers for gas turbines – and the environment can relax

Gas turbines are particularly noisy machines. In order to meet the stringent requirements for modern gas turbine power plants with regard to environmental protection, special silencers for gas turbines are necessary. This applies to the air intake as well as the exhaust system. Each of these makes different demands with respect to engineering, the choice of materials, and production methods. Air intake silencers, for example, must absorb the particularly high frequency rotation noise emitted by the compressor stage. At the same time, special attention must be paid to the purity conditions during production, to ensure that no impurities are introduced to the combustion air as a result of the silencer being used.

Exhaust silencers must be able to withstand strong flow forces and operating temperatures of up to 650° C in addition to high attenuation of low frequencies. In addition, high temperature gradients occur during plant start-up and shut-down, which must be taken into account in the design of silencers for gas turbines.



Individual solutions for different applications

Whether open or combined process silencer – G+H Noise Control designs its acoustic elements individually for every application, so that they fulfil even the most demanding technical tasks. The following types of silencers are used for this purpose:

  • Absorption silencers in baffle form for noise sources with broadband spectra, such as gas turbines or cooling towers
  • Resonator silencers based on the Helmholtz and/or Lambda/4 principle for use with dusty media, such as in coal-fired power stations and flue gas desulphurisation plants
  • Blow-out silencers, for example for use in combined and steam turbine power plants, when gaseous media have to be discharged to the environment at high pressure.


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