Steel spring elements

Steel springs to protect people, machines and buildings

With our many years of experience in the field of vibration isolation and structure-borne sound insulation, we offer a tried-and-tested range of vibration isolating products – including a large selection of steel springs and hangers. Our range of steel spring elements includes ceiling and pipe hangersspring isolators and Vibrex longitudinal beddings in addition to various models of our so-called Avibrators.


As a global market leader, we at G+H Noise Control provide our customers with optimum solutions to meet their specific needs. Our vibration isolators are precise and reliable – so, thanks to our systems, we are able to protect people, machines and buildings from undesirable disturbances caused by structure-borne sound and vibration. We configure our systems using ultramodern computer programs.



Steel screw pressure springs

Pipe and ceiling hangers

Spring isolators

Vibrex-longitudinal bedding


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