Air intake systems

Air and noise filters for optimized efficiency

The smooth operation of the air intake systems is crucial for the efficiency of gas turbine power plants. And air filter systems play a special role in protecting the sensitive turbine components. Our air intake systems and filter houses guarantee the required level of purity of the combustion air for efficient operation of the gas turbines. At the same time, we use these systems to keep noise levels for staff and the environment as low as possible.

We design and create the right air intake system for your specific ambient conditions. As experts for filter houses, we can provide you with air filter systems that improve the efficiency of your turbines and at the same time meet all of the relevant sound protection requirements and ensure compliance with the most stringent purity standards.



All-round protection from a single source

With its comprehensive product range, G+H Noise Control supports all gas turbines worldwide:

  • Air intake ducts with high-performance sound-insulating wall structures
  • Single or multi-blade shut-off dampers
  • Flow optimized silencers
  • Filter houses for all types of application, such as
    • Static filter houses with single or combination filter systems
    • Pulse filter houses with evaporation coolers
  • Demisters
  • Anti-icing systems
  • Complete instrumentation and control systems


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