Elastic bearing elements

Elastic bearing elements instead of concrete foundations

With its DEL range, G+H Noise Control has elastic bearing systems in its portfolio that ensure efficient vibration isolation and damping of structure-borne sound for machines and plant.


These vibration isolators comprise a bonding sheet, a pressure distribution plate and a steel mass, between which lie intermediate layers of highly elastic MAFUND panels. Due to their special construction, the bearing elements act as a double elastic bearing, i.e. a dual-mass oscillator. With their ingenious spring technology, they dispense with the need for the type of heavy concrete intermediate foundation construction that is necessary with conventional isolation elements. Moreover, this isolation system with elastic bearing elements is also notable for its low weight, low installation height and easy installation.

All the advantages at a glance

  • DEL elements dispense with the need for constructing the heavy concrete intermediate foundations otherwise required with conventional isolation elements
  • Low weight
  • Low overall height
  • Easy installation
  • The properties can be customized to suit the application by combining various support elements
  • Due to their construction, they act as a double elastic bearing (dual-mass oscillator)
  • Increased structure-borne sound isolation above the upper natural frequency f2. – 24 dB/octave


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