Sound-insulating doors and windows

Simply shut out the noise

When it comes to sound insulation, doors and windows play a decisive role. Many permanently fixed building components can be optimally sound insulated by increasing their weight per unit area – acoustic doors, however, need to be easy to open and close, and this becomes more difficult if the weight is increased. For this reason, our sound-insulating door systems have special fittings, locks and hinges in addition to effective and smoothly operating rebate seals. Special expertise in sound protection door construction is necessary for sound levels as low as 30 decibels (dB), and the requirements become more demanding with every additional dB.

Our tried-and-tested acoustic doors from the TSS 6 range are available as single or double doors in many different sizes. Individual customer requirements can also be implemented, demonstrating the acoustic efficacy of our tailor-made solutions. Our products guarantee great precision and excellent, lasting acoustic insulation while remaining extremely easy to open and close. From sliding and lifting doors through to sound-insulating door systems with crane flaps, interlocking door systems and doors for low or high pressure situations – you can depend on our expertise in the field of acoustic doors.

Everything in view yet still protected from noise

For recording studios, test rigs and production facilities, visual contact from the room is essential for optimal operation. This requires windows which provide optimal acoustic insulation but also frequently have to fulfill additional requirements, such as privacy protection to protect prototypes in the automotive industry from prying eyes, for example. In addition to fulfilling the acoustic requirements, our sound-insulating windows also meet all of the other demands regarding fire protection, anti-reflection and non-glare properties. Our product range also includes bulletproof glazing and sound-insulating glass walls.