Full cable wrap PYROMENT®-KVB2000

Flexible fire protection

A short circuit or overheating of the electrical cables can have far-reaching consequences, such as a cable fire. PYROMENT®-KVB2000 full cable wrap, developed by G+H Insulation, leaves nothing to chance: The specially developed flexible wraps are used to completely envelope electric cables in buildings. They have an intumescent material on both sides, which immediately transforms into an optimal barrier when it gets hot. Cable fires are smothered right from the outset. The cable bandage also shields the sensitive electrics from external influences such as a fire in the building. Because it is very thin, it can be installed without any additional suspension fixings or supports, even in areas that are difficult to access.

Optimum safety both indoors and outdoors

In outdoor areas of refineries, airports or football stadiums, fire protection has always been difficult to install and previously required a great deal of maintenance. The graphite-based, black PYROMENT®-KVB2000 W full cable wrap has been specially developed for outdoor use. It is waterproof and therefore also provides protection outside the building. This makes expensive protection coatings a thing of the past.

PYROMENT®-KVB2000 product properties

  • Full cable wrap suppresses cable fires both indoors and outdoors
  • No spread of local fire sources along cable routes
  • No suspension fittings, supports or coatings required

All the advantages at a glance

  • Flexible and thin: 1 mm (KVB 2000) to 1.6 mm (Typ W)
  • Low mass per unit area (approx. 1,200 g/m2)
  • Easy to fit and fix in place
  • Retrofitting possible at any time
  • Difficult shapes present no problem


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