Spring isolators

for optimum vibration damping

The type FU bearing elements are spring isolators, which are particularly suited to damping the vibrations of machines and plant. The steel screw compression springs are block resistant in accordance with DIN EN 13906, so that overloads (during installation, for example) can be accommodated without any problems. Thanks to their special design, with a bonding plate at the top and bottom, the spring isolators are easily fixed in place. These plates can also compensate for any unevenness in the mounting surface on site. The high coefficient of friction of the bonding plates/structure-borne sound insulation plates secures the units in place in most cases. No additional bolts are necessary.

Robust and versatile thanks to viscous damping

In order to reduce the vibration amplitudes and transfer of forces during start-up and shutdown of the machine (resonance passage) and shorten the oscillation decay process after impact and shock loading, the type FU spring isolators include an integrated viscous damper. By combining Avibrators with and without damping, we can adjust the system to suit individual needs with regard to the damping ratio. The viscosity dampers are maintenance-free.


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