Special solutions

Tailored to the specific requirements

If you still have not found the ideal solution, then discover more about our special fire protection solutions and contact us directly. Because we can develop, test and certify new solutions or customized fire protection systems to suit your specific needs and can therefore even comply with unusual customer requests.

There’s no such thing as it can’t be done: Here are a few examples

PYROTAM®-SH helps with pipe penetrations where space is tight

Pipes that pass through fire protection walls usually have to be supported at a maximum distance from the wall of one meter on both sides. This is not always possible, however, which is why we developed PYROTAM®-SH. With this solution, support is required on one side only, and at a distance of eight meters from the wall.

Fire protection enclosures for emergency diesel generators

The mobile emergency diesel generators required in nuclear power plants may be kept in escape and rescue routes only if they have the necessary fire protection enclosures. We offer a special fire protection solution for exactly this situation.

Enclosures for cable conduits

Emergency power generators in power plants are often connected to the emergency coolant pump via cable conduits. These conduits require optimum fire protection. G+H Insulation has developed a special enclosure system for this purpose, which will also withstand earthquakes.

Fire protection for transformer stations

If a fire occurs in a transformer station, a special pressure venting system alleviates the high pressure. A special fixture is blasted out of the wall if high pressure develops. And a second fixture then drops down and closes the opening, making it fire resistant.

Fire protection housings for valves

With our special fire protection housings, we can protect various types of valve – particularly in petrochemical plants, where there is a high fire loading.


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