Measurement and test rooms

Creating the best conditions for precise sound measurements

Acoustic measurements, in product development or material testing, for instance, require defined and reproducible ambient conditions. With its measuring and test rooms, G+H Noise Control creates the ideal conditions for exact results.

For more than 50 years now, research institutes, universities and renowned industrial companies across the globe have been relying on our experience in the field of sound measurement. And a team of experts in our own development center continues to further develop the products that we use and carries out acoustic engineering acceptance measurements and certification procedures in various measurement facilities and test rooms.

We design and construct turnkey solutions for our customers:

  • Anechoic and highly absorbent rooms:
    For the sound design of various different products, we create measurement conditions comparable to outdoors – but without any disruptive environmental noises or weather effects. Our customers can choose between two accuracy classes, for which we use different absorbers.
  • Reverberation chambers:
    Reverberation chambers are ideal for measuring the sound absorption coefficient of porous materials or the degree of soundproofing of constructions components. Here, in addition to ensuring a long reverberation time, it is important that as many scattered reflections occur as possible and that the same acoustic pressure is present throughout the entire chamber.
  • Audiometry rooms:
    Hospitals and doctors’ surgeries need reproducible ambient conditions in order to perform reliable hearing tests. Thanks to our room-in-room design, where the inner shell is completely decoupled from the rest of the structure, we contribute to the high level of accuracy of electro-acoustic hearing tests.
  • Wind tunnels:
    For vehicles or their components, sound measurements play an important role in the development process. With our wide spectrum of absorbers and accessory components, we offer each customer a precisely tailored solution for the acoustic fit-out of his particular wind tunnel.
  • Recording studios:
    Acoustically damping elements produce balanced, defined room acoustics in recording studios and control rooms, creating optimum conditions for recording.