Trade associations

Stronger together – Our engagement in trade associations

We want to promote the fields of insulation, structural fire protection, noise insulation and vibration insulation in Germany. That is why we are active in a variety of trade associations to engage in discussion with other industry experts, support current developments in the sector and set the example for more safety.

The G+H Group is a member of the following trade associations:

AGI – Arbeitsgemeinschaft Industriebau e.V.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Industriebau e.V. (AGI) is the association of construction and property divisions of German business enterprises. Its members include manufacturers active in industrial and commercial construction, design agencies and universities.

Bundesfachabteilung Wärme-, Kälte-, Schall- und Brandschutz (BFA WKSB)

Bundesfachabteilung Wärme-, Kälte-, Schall- und Brandschutz (BFA WKSB) is an association of qualified companies in the insulation sector with high technical competency.

Bundesverband Technischer Brandschutz e.V. (bvfa)

Leading manufacturers of products for technical preventative fire protection in Germany are joined together in bvfa, along with fire protection companies that market and service these products. Their shared goal is to promote technical fire protection, such as by developing new and innovative extinguishing technology and by working closely with public institutions.

EiiF – European industrial insulation Foundation

The G+H Group has joined forces with other major insulation material manufacturers and processing companies to found the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF). The foundation’s purpose is to promote the use of sustainable insulation systems in industrial facilities across Europe, to minimize energy consumption, reduce costs and protect the environment.

GSH – Gütegemeinschaft Hartschaum

GSH is a European association of insulating materials manufacturers – specifically EPS, PUR, VIP, FEF-PEF and lightweight concrete thermal insulation.